Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • Here is the first trailer for Chloë Sevigny’s upcoming creepy A&E drama Those Who Kill. It WILL spook you, just so you’re ready. Also she is very intense to her baby right away. -A&E
  • Remember when we thought Anne Hathaway almost drowned? Well, she didn’t! Take this as a lesson for the next time you see someone who definitely looks like they are drowning! -Dlisted
  • While we’re on the subject: she knows how much everyone dislikes her, which must be very difficult! -Pajiba
  • Garrett Hedlund is probably going to play Captain Hook in the Peter Pan origin story Pan. Without even giving us a say. -FilmDrunk
  • It looks like two independent Walt Disney biopics could be released later this year, and you can read a bit about each of them over at /Film. -/Film