The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

I am sick. I’m not going to die, I don’t think, thx G, but my throat hurts and I feel like a bunch of garbage. But, thankfully, if there is one thing that I like to do when I’m sick it is watch animal videos! pay so much money for thick, green juice with the idea that it will cure me and then not even drink all of it because it tastes and feels super gross. And if there are TWO things that I like to do when I’m sick, the second thing is watch animal videos! feel sorry for myself and needlessly talk about how I feel sick when I’m sure most of us feel sick and just deal with it. BUT if there are three things that I like to do when I’m sick, the third is definitely watch animal videos google remedies that you can make with things already in your home and then do none of them. Somewhere down the list, though, is watch animal videos! SO LET’S GET TO THEM! PUH-LEEEEEEZE!

10. Dog Sings Bob Marley

9. Dogs Amused By Towel

8. Ocelot Kitten Santos and Dog Blakely Play

7. Cat Massage

6. Wallaby And Baby Have A Snack

5. Squirrel And Cat Are Friends

4. Dogs And Weird Owner Pray Before Meal

3. Diving With Seals

2. Dog And Cat Teach Baby

1. Sleepy Puppy Would Like To Be Left Alone