Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Tom Scharpling, David Wain, Scott Aukerman, Dave Hill, and mooore did an updated cover of “The Super Bowl Shuffle.” I bet you did not think that that was how that sentence would end! -Pitchfork
  • Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden is doing press for his upcoming Discovery gold-mining miniseries Klondike, and told a story about peeing in the snow that I don’t quite understand. He fell in the snow with his hands in his pants? Pee hands? -WarmingGlow
  • Checking In On Sports Again: One sportsman gives another sportsman two middle fingers! -Dlisted
  • Lindsay Lohan’s next project is called Inconceivable. Also, one time I saw Wallace Shawn walking down the street. Coincidence? -/Film
  • Chris Gethard filmed a little video update on the progress of the pilot for Comedy Central’s The Chris Gethard Show. Want to watch it? You can! -Splitsider
  • And finally, here is a baby dancing very well on India’s Got Talent. -TastefullyOffensive