This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

Trailers, y’all! (Cool or not cool way to begin?) We’ve got three of them for you today and they are all basically female-fronted comedies! Kind of! One of them is a coming of age comedy and another one is a weird, too-dark romantic comedy, but they still count! Let’s get to them, this preamble is pointless!

The Pretty One

Uhhh. This premise is DARK AS FUCK! Unless this quirky romantic comedy turns into a devastating, multiple lives-ruining horror story at the end, I’m not entirely sure it can be pulled off in a way that seems authentic and worthwhile. Jake Johnson looks just as wonderful and charming as he ever does, and heaven knows I love Ron Livingston, and I’m a Zoe Kazan fan, as well, but I dooooon’t know about this.

Obviously, though, I will watch it when it’s on Netflix.

Walk of Shame

Hmmm, a whole trailer and still no answer to this mystery. THE SUSPENSE CONTINUES! After her car was towed, why didn’t she just go back to James Marsden’s house and call someone about it? He seems nice enough! He would have helped, I bet! This seems like a movie where the situation just gets worse and worse for the main character and makes me more and more anxious and uncomfortable, which is a kind of movie that I hate because I am anxious enough in my own everyday life. BUT Elizabeth Banks is charming and funny and I’m glad she is starring in a movie. So. The end.

Adult World

“I think I may be the voice of my generation. Or at least, the voice of a genera–OH HELLO, JOHN CUSAK!”