This Week In Comedy Open Thread

Kroll Show! Kroll Show! Kroll Shoooooooow! Kroll Show is back and genuinely better than ever! Since the first season, the show seems to have figured out the oddly sweet, weird tone it wants to hit, and in the first episode of the second season they hit that tone #HARD. Did you watch it? Everything was funny on it. The end. Jenny Slate is so good. There were babies? All of the babies were cute. If you didn’t watch it I don’t want to ruin a joke, but I AM going to because C Czar calling other people “C Czar” was so funny and I am laughing now just thinking about it. Just the best. Very enjoyable. A+. (The last few lines of the Kroll Show review also go for this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, which followed Tina as first a magician’s assistant, and then a magician herself. So great, that show. TV is so great.) Community was also good. The ability to pull off having a group of characters trade funny, dark, and emotional jokes under an absurd (outside of the show — inside, this time at least, it’s fitting) conceit is part of what was always so good about Community. It was nice to see that back. And it will be sad to see Troy go. Also: Walton Goggins! THAT LAST SCENE? Come on. Yes. NEXT: New Girl always surprises me with how the consistent character gags — Schmidt being Schmidt, Nick being absurdly incorrect — remain consistently amusing. Schmidt saying “New compared to what, the moon?” in the way he would, after being introduced to his new-old colleague, was so funny, as was Nick not wanting to take sexy pictures digitally because he doesn’t want to end up on “wikiweaks.” The show is at a point where it has established quirks to dash in while advancing some of the characters plot lines — at this point, it’s (hopefully) Winston’s — (and hopefully Winston’s detective dream isn’t just another way to distract Winston away from having a genuine plot line) — and it is very enjoyable to watch. Okay. UGH THERE ARE SO MANY SHOWS. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was very funny (“Why are you sequestered over here by this old cell phone?), but I am worried about advancing the Peralta/Santiago relationship too quickly. (Though I wouldn’t guess that they’re going to jump right into it.) The Mindy Project said goodbye to Cliff in a way that I really liked. Parks and Recreation mostly set up the futures of a few characters, more of a transition episode than anything else. AND WE’RE DONE! What did you think?