Unknown Woman Featured On Mystery Movie Poster

As members of the digital age, there are few mysteries left in our lives that are allowed to linger. “What else was that actor in?” “Who is this song by?” “Are you using that word correctly?” “How far away is the place we’re going?” “I know that you know where we’re going but I’d just like to know how many more blocks we have to walk.” “What was the name of it again?” “Okay, I’ll just google maps restaurants around us and see if any of the names ring a bell, then, I don’t know why you’re being so difficult.” All solved in seconds with the touch of a finger. It seems like these days the only mystery that you can’t figure out with your telephone is how David Blaine does his tricks — or should I say, it seemed like that was the only unsolvable mystery, until the poster for the upcoming comedy Walk of Shame was released this morning! WHO IS THAT LADY SITTING ON THE BENCH? AND WHY IS SHE ON THIS POSTER? We do have a few clues. It is a woman who must be starring in this movie with Elizabeth Banks and James Marsden. Is “Awesome Night” a name? Could that be her name? I don’t think “Epic Aftermath” is a name that someone would choose for another person or themselves, but “Awesome Night” COULD be a name. (Awesome M. Night.) Is it Rachel Zoe? Does she do movies? Why is she covering up the picture of Elizabeth Banks on the bench? Is Elizabeth Banks a doctor and did Elizabeth Banks do this to her character’s head and now she’s mad? WHO IS THIS LADY? (Full mystery after the jump, via Pajiba.)