Wait, We’re Talking About Kate Gosselin Now?!

We all had fun talking to each other yesterday about Jon Gosselin (a human man who used to live in front of television cameras) and his recently acquired vasectomy. “How weird,” we though, “that we are even reading the name Jon Gosselin. I’m glad we’re doing it, because it’s entertaining in the moment and we’re having a really great time, but I’m glad that it is an anomaly and that tomorrow our lives will be back to what we’ve come to expect. It is 2014.” But then today we open our computers and there is a new interview from television THIS MORNING that features Kate Gosselin and her two teenage daughters?!? Which in itself would not be particularly noteworthy, but is noteworthy because of how the daughters, brought on television to defend their parents and the crippling way in which they were and continue to be raised, refuse to answer questions posed directly to them? And you can FEEL Kate’s growing desperation, both for her daughters to say the lines that they practiced and for the television cameras to be in front of her face again, and anger?! IN 2014?!?! Holy moly. Sometimes you wake up and you don’t know where you are, but usually that’s because you’re in a hotel room or on a friend’s couch. I don’t know WHAT this is.

Love how the only time they smile and seem animated is when the idea of another television series is mentioned. Seems like they grew up fine after all? Let’s not rethink anything that we’re doing, everything is perfect! (Via BuzzFeed.)