Girls Season Three Premiere Open Thread

Girls returned with two episodes last night during the 26th hour of the Golden Globes and made for a nice post-awards show cool down. When we left Hannah last season, she was falling deeper into the depths of her untreated OCD, and this season picks up on what seems like a life much more under control. Her editor loves her on-time sex lit, cups are made of chocolate now, and Adam is her live-in, medicine-giving boyfriend. What a dream! (Sort of!) (They’re both nightmares, so it’s hard to say!) Adam seems to be in a better place, as well, though that better place does feature an awkward encounter with the jilted Natalia. (Natalia and Angie’s rant against him was one of my favorite elements of the two episodes, though I’m not sure why it had to veer so far, as it went on, towards depicting Natalie as more upset than she was justified to be, and rude towards Hannah. It seems like this was partly done for the sake of adding some humor to the scene, [humor continues to be something that Girls needs to work on in general, I think], but Angie’s role in the argument sufficed there, and it ended up seeming like its intent was to half-discount what she had to say and unnecessarily paint Adam as a decent guy. We can tell that he is a decent guy and understand that her anger against him is warranted!) Shoshanna is stumbling out of bunk beds, taking hangover naps in the library, and seems to be struggling with an eating disorder. Marnie is still hung up on Charlie, or at least the idea that she deserves the life that A Charlie would provide. Jessa, still beautiful and a horrible friend, was in rehab, got kicked out, and made Hannah, Adam, and Shoshanna unnecessarily take a road trip to retrieve her. Taystee was there! Adam and Shosh went on a hike while Lena laid in the woods and listened to a This American Life on her phone, which was very good. Adam smashed the radio in a rental car because, although he can sometimes say nice things to Marnie and call Hannah his best friend, he is a monster. A mom lit candles. The gang ate tacos and Marnie spit a bite out. The episodes were enjoyable, but certainly felt more like a ramp-up than anything else. I am looking forward to the rest of the season! DID YOU WATCH? HMMMM?