Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • This week’s episode of The Simpsons features a tribute to animator and filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki, which you can watch online now, if you’d like to! -FOX
  • HBO has renewed Girls for a fourth season, and you can now watch a new clip from its season three premiere, which airs this Sunday. Or you can just wait? It’s only a few days, up to you! -/Film
  • As life and death are forever intertwined, HBO has announced that Boardwalk Empire’s fifth season, which will begin in the fall, will be its last. -Indiewire
  • Anne Hathaway almost drowned yesterday, but she is fine. Who wouldn’t give a near-death experience to be on a beach vacation right now, anyway. -Dlisted
  • And finally, here is Stephen Colbert on the Chris Christie bridge scandal. -WarmingGlow