That’s Your Girlfriend: The Woman With Record For The Fastest Time Eating A 72 Oz. Steak

“Ambition was something that I always really zeroed in on when it came to finding someone to share my life with. Even with friends — I just find it hard to be around someone a lot if that person is, I don’t know, stagnant, or if that person has just settled for less than what they could achieve. You certainly don’t have to be perfect, or incredibly accomplished, but I think it’s important to keep trying — to keep reaching for some goal. Anyway, that’s just me. And that’s why I found the perfect woman in Molly, who currently holds a world record for eating a 72 oz steak in just two minutes and forty-five seconds. The previous record holder? Oh, he took just a little bit longer…six minutes and forty-eight seconds! HAH! Now you see, that’s a person who, to me, is lacking in ambition. Nearly seven minutes for a 72 oz steak? As a grown man? Did he even want to keep the record, or did he just win it by accident? Hah. Well, I’m getting a little riled up, but I’m just so proud of my Molly. She really ate that steak so fast.” – You

Man oh man. Your girlfriend is good at quickly eating steak! (Thanks for the tip, Spencer!)