This Week In Comedy Open Thread

God, it feels good to have a terrible reason to not leave the house again. There is truly nothing like deciding not to do something because it is cold outside and “shows are on.” At once incredibly reliving and horribly distressing. Fox’s comedies returned this week, and so did Parks and Recreation, and so did Bob’s Burgers! Community, after having returned last week, jumped right into a concept episode, “Basic Intergluteal Numismatics.” After feeling immediately worn out by the group’s return to community college last week, I was actually happy to see a Dan Harmon-y parody rather than an episode focused on Jeff’s role as a teacher or the group’s role as students. (Though I can see how one would feel the opposite.) Sometimes Community’s concept episodes like this can feel like work, but this one — maybe due to the fact that it wasn’t strictly parodying anything specific, rather just the general idea of procedural shows and David Fincher movies — was just enjoyable, I thought! My one complaint would be that the Jeff/Annie flirtation, at this point, feels pointless to their characters’ story lines– only trotted out when necessary and then forgotten until it becomes necessary again. The realistic portrayal of that sort of relationship might be what the show is going for, but it feels more like an easy trick to get to where they want an episode’s particular story to go. Otherwise, I liked the episode. (Abed’s clumsy takedown of on-the-spectrum detectives didn’t have me until the look he gave before walking away.) I really liked Parks and Recreation’s “Second Chunce.” The episode was warm and funny and set up Tom and Leslie’s future ambitions beautifully. I cannot believe that before this episode I had not noticed that Ann’s ob/gyn, Dr. Saperstein, has the same name as Rosemary’s ob/gyn from Rosemary’s Baby, which is perfect even though it is a joke that means nothing and makes no sense. I also cannot believe that no one has ever cheered me up with a trip to Paris. What a bunch of garbage. Let’s take a jump and talk about the rest.

Remember how mean Danny used to be to Mindy on The Mindy Project? The show has really come a very long way in like-ability since its first season, and it is in no small part thanks to Danny’s change from jerk to Perfect Man. (Also in no small part thanks to the show becoming very funny.) WHAT A DREAMBOAT! The series continues to be something that I enjoy. The end. Speaking of things that I enjoy: New Girl was great. If there is one thing I love on television it is bottle episodes. Why don’t they build the whole television out of the bottle episode? If only all shows could consist of characters just making jokes and talking to each other in one place. I really like when Jess took all of those expensive shots and said they were disgusting. I really like Winston. I really like Schmidt. I don’t totally buy that Nick Miller passed the bar and could have been a lawyer since he legit seems like he has 0 brain almost always, but he looked very handsome in his law school clothes. Coach had a small role, which felt correct. Cece remains wonderful and beautiful. This is a good show. Also a good show: Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Everyone in the cast is so good. Craig Robinson was a very good guest star. Also a GREAT show: Bob’s Burgers. Please watch Bob’s Burgers, if you do not already. The end. WHAT DID YOU THINK?