BREAKING HAIR NEWS: Hugh Jackman Has A Mullet

As you know, you can always count on Videogum to give you all of the latest celebrity hair news the minute that we see it on another blog it breaks. Usually the breaking hair news is about people named Brad(ly), other times it’s about people named Jennifer. Today in an exciting piece (“pee”-ce) of Celebrity History, the breaking hair news belongs to none other than our good friend Hugh Jackman! What we DO know is that he has a mullet. What we DON’T know is: why? Is it because Brad Pitt put him up to it, to take some of the heat off of him for stealing Bradley Coopers “Breaking Hair News” spotlight? If so: what’s Hugh Jackman getting out of the deal?! Was it Jennifer Lawrence, in an attempt to distract from how she continues to have a haircut? Was it Jennifer Aniston because she is baby crazy and desperate for a man to marry?! Is it for some sort of a movie (yes)? Is Hugh Jackman under the influence of drugs and does he need to go to rehab? Did Shia LaBeouf do it? Our sources say yes! We’ll bring you more breaking hair news as soon as we learn it. We appreciate your patience at this time and urge you to stay calm. If anyone has any information concerning Jennifer Aniston’s role in Hugh Jackman’s mullet please let us know at [email protected] #jackmullet  (Full mullet after the jump, photo via Celebitchy.)