The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

To follow up with the parking story that I began in our first animal video of the day (and I do apologize about that to those who are not particularly fans of animal videos, but we all have to do what we can to get through our days, and I imagine that you understand that, and I thank you), I double-parked my car and then the lady that I double-parked in needed to go somewhere and I had to move my car again, but instead of moving it and leaving it I just moved it and sat in it for 25 minutes until the alternate-side parking was over because I was too nervous that the same thing would happen again. LOL. Coooooool. Good day so far! Good decisions and excellent results all around. Does anyone else need to watch ten animal videos now? Hmm? So many of them are so good and one of them is a video of a Portuguese Man O’ War. Let’s please go watch them!

10. Hand-Feeding A Fox

9. Pomeranian Needs A Snooze Button

8. Micro Pig On A Treadmill

7. Portuguese Man O’ War On The Beach, Surely To Have Been Placed Back In The Water Soon After The Video Ends (Thanks for the tip, Max!)

6. 9 Week Old Ocelot Kitten Playing

5. Two Cats Wearing Puffy Wigs

4. Squirrels Tunnel Through Snow

3. Corgi Snow Tunnel

2. Puppies Attack Cabbage

1. Golden Retriever Imitates Ambulance Siren