Checking In On Sports: Keep Your Eye On The Ball!

One of the main promises that every expert sportsman makes to the game is that he or she will forever keep his or her eye on the ball. (Of course, Michael Jordan couldn’t have gotten to where he is by looking at his Michael Air Jordans!) Not so, though, in this recent match. Although the play takes place on a planet where offensive terms are used freely on television without consequence, the rules of the game are much the same: hide, run, win. One player, dressed mostly properly in his leggies and shoulders, remains hidden behind the buttocks of the player ahead of him. The play tool is passed to the hidden sportsman, while an unhidden sportsman acts as though he’s got it in his gloves. Ah, a bit of trickery makes the game what it is! Although the ball wasn’t taken to the hoop this play, it likely got there during another. (Via ViralViral.)