What Kind Of Day Are You Having: Trampoline Accident Or Flamingos Dancing To Michael Jackson?

Oh my god it is a snoozer out there today! Who would have thought that the Friday after a week filled will holiday hole punches, and a Friday during which half of the blog world is buried under six to ten inches of snow (which is not that many inches, but remember the holiday thing?), would be so DEAD! ON THE INTERNET! You can watch House of Cards with commentary from the directors now, that’s something that happened today. What else? It snowed? Did we already mention that it snowed? Anyway, because we have to do SOMETHING with our day, and it has to be in front of the computer, how about a fun poll: what kind of day are you having? Is it a trampoline accident kind of a day, or is it a flamingos “dancing” to Michael Jackson kind of a day, which mostly amounts to flamingos walking and bobbing their head but hey beggars absolutely cannot be choosers, especially not today? Here are some videos that might help in making your decision:

Trampoline Accident?

Flamingos Dancing To Michael Jackson?

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