This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

There are blessedly only three trailers to discuss today. Trailers are nice because they are tiny movies you can watch and be done with, but when there are, like, ten of them released in a week? Ten tiny movies?! That is too many tiny movies. No, thank you. I like my tiny movies doled out in the amount in which they deserved to be doled out: a tiny amount. Three. And one of them is the Veronica Mars movie trailer this week, so LET’S GO ALREADY!

Veronica Mars

For some reason, I never watched Veronica Mars when it was on TV. (The “for some reason” could easily be that very few people did, but that has never stopped me or any of us from watching television shows, so it is still a mystery. Does Veronica solve mysteries or just crimes?!) I watched one episode on Netflix because Britt Daniel from Spoon was in it, but I did literally only watch the part with him in it, so I did not get a good feel. It looks fun, though! I wish I watched it! So many of our current friends were on it, and they’re all back! It is kind of remarkable that the Internet’s Veronica Mars fan base got its way with this (or, paid for its way with this), and I’m sure the world is going to be a garbage disaster when it’s just all movie and TV reboots of failed TV series and petitions for movie and TV reboots of failed TV series, but for now I think it’s all right. Like I said, this looks fun! Enjoy it!

A Promise

You can dress it up old time-y and have it be written by someone other than Nicholas Sparks, but it’s still a Nicholas Sparks story about a bunch of boring jerks. SNOOZE.

A Most Wanted Man

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s German accent is a perfect mix of Paul F. Tompkin’s Werner Herzog impression and his Richard Harrow impression. And yes this looks good, obviously. Yes.