Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • Jon Oliver said goodbye to the Daily Show last night, and you can watch his sweet surprise goodbye now. -DailyShow
  • Ellen DeGeneres Oscars trailer, you guys. -Oscars
  • Because whoever the person is from whatever Duck Dynasty is was put on hiatus for “expressing his [intolerant and hateful] faith,” the entire family has pulled out of the show. So we AT LEAST know that the show is about a family. -Dlisted
  • Want to watch an 11 minute behind-the-scenes video from Wolf of Wall Street? I do! I’m not going to because I haven’t seen the movie yet and also who has the time to watch an 11 minute behind-the-scenes video, but I do want to. -/Film
  • And finally, David Mamet is developing a mini-series for Fox based on the seven deadly sins. Sorry, David Mamet, but we already have a movie about that called Se7en, and it’s perfect. -Variety