This Week In GIFs!

Here’s a good prank: When your family is opening gifts on Christmas morning, if your family does that, you tell one of your family members, “For you I have an extra special GIF.” They’ll say, “What? Do you mean gift?” You’ll say, “No, I mean GIF. Let me show you.” And then you bring them to the computer and show them a GIF from when John Goodman hosted SNL (what will then be) two-ish weeks ago. “This is just an image from when John Goodman hosted SNL two weeks ago?” they’ll say, their voice going up at the end as if it were a question. “Yup. That’s your gift.” “You mean GIF?” they’ll ask. “No, gift.” Scene. Very confusing! Are you ready to remember our week? Okay, great. Let’s goooo!

John Goodman hosted Saturday Night Live!

I didn’t see the new Hobbit movie, but we still talked about it!

Shia LaBeouf doesn’t seem to be doing okay!

Aaron Paul helped a couple propose publicly!

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are ON A BREAK!

And finally, we all watched Rare Exports together, as a family!