The Most Personally Conflicting Public Marriage Proposal Of All Time

I’m sure we can all relate to feeling like for some reason the world has decided that today, for you, will be a slightly bad day. (Is that broad enough?) A few days ago I stubbed my toe, burned my thumb on the stove, spilled coffee, spilled dinner, and cut the same thumb I burned on the stove on a tin can. WHAT?! No one I knew died or anything, and I wasn’t in the hospital, so I don’t think it’s one for the books, but certainly I think we can all agree that that is a PRETTY messed up day. Tin can?! I bet we’ve all also had days where everything seems to be going right. Your hair looks good or whatever, your favorite socks are clean, it’s pizza day. Things people like. But have you ever had BOTH OF THOSE DAYS HAPPEN TO YOU AT ONCE? EXCEPT THEY AREN’T DAYS? THEY’RE A VIRAL VIDEO? AND IT’S A PUBLIC MARRIAGE PROPOSAL VIRAL VIDEO THAT FEATURES AARON PAUL?

Oh brother! The only way I could feel even more conflicted is if Aaron Paul proposed to me on a float in a Disney World parade while singing Bruno Mars’s “Marry You”! (Thanks for the tip, Claire!)