The Gummy Awards: Your Top 10 TV Shows Of 2013

Pop the champagne and po’ it up (that’s cool, right? we’re off to a cool start?) because it’s GUMMY AWARDS TIME! Truly the most satisfying award doled out in awards season, because you (and Stereogum readers) get to be the boss, rather than some man on a cloud with a white beard or whoever usually picks entertainment award winners. In the next few days we’ll be announcing your choices for the year’s best television shows, movies, and viral videos, beginning today with television. WHAT A YEAR IT WAS! As has been the norm for the last few years, there were so many great things to watch on television this year that your favorites might not have even MADE IT TO THE LIST. (Like House of Cards, for example.) (And also Nathan for You.) (And Comedy Bang Bang.) (When I said “your favorites” I did mean “my favorites.”) And yet, the list is still full of great television and 100% correct, because you made it. Let’s get to it! DRUMROLL PLZ.

10. Masters of Sex

9. Eastbound & Down

8. Bob’s Burgers

7. American Horror Story

6. Orange Is The New Black

5. The Walking Dead

4. Mad Men

3. Parks and Recreation

2. Game of Thrones

1. Breaking Bad

And here it is in plain list form:

10 Masters Of Sex
09 Eastbound & Down
08 Bob’s Burgers
07 American Horror Story
06 Orange Is The New Black
05 The Walking Dead
04 Mad Men
03 Parks and Recreation
02 Game Of Thrones
01 Breaking Bad

And with the list, my yearly reminder that I should absolutely be caught up on Game of Thrones by now, but am not. Whoops! Soon, I hope! I hear it’s second only to Breaking Bad! HOORAY BREAKING BAD! So sad to see you go, but so happy to see you go out on top. [Applause] [Applause] Indeed, congratulations to all of our winners. Especially Masters of Sex, which I haven’t seen but want to see so bad, and which I don’t understand how so many of you are watching because it’s not on iTunes and I know you don’t have that channel. Sooo what do you guys think of your list? Perfect or not perfect?