Favorite Snow Day Movies And Television Episodes

I’ve still got snow on the brain, which is mostly my fault, but it’s partly because there is nothing else going on out there today. Do you want to watch a teaser for the fifth season of Community? You can, but that’s just about all you can do! (You can also watch a young Amy Adams in her first ever on-camera appearance from last night’s Late Night, but now I’m really dipping into “Morning Links” territory, and IT’S NOT TIME FOR THAT YET.) So, I thought, hey, why not just talk about what we all really want to talk about: the new St. Vincent song our favorite snow day television episodes and movies! Meaning, ones that have snow in them! When I was young, I would always watch the “Cash” episode of The Young Ones on snow days, so I’ve included a clip after the jump. What else? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? The Simpson’s “Mr. Plow,” a clip of which is also included after the jump? Do you like to watch Fargo when it snows, maybe? The NYC Prep episode where PC drinks iced coffee in the snow, of which I cannot find a clip, which is insane, there should be an easy-to-access clip of that on the Internet? Eeeek, do you like to watch The Grey when it snows, you monster? The episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorelei talks about how it snowed after she wished that something magical would happen to her, the clip of which you can conveniently find after the jump?! TELL MEEEEEE!

The Young Ones:

The Simpsons:

Gilmore Girls: