How Will (This Season Of) Parks And Recreation End?

Leslie Knope walks into her former office, clears her throat, and says, “Goodbye, guys!” Oh no. Where’s she going?! Donna asks, “Where are you going?” Leslie says, “I’m going to see my real friends and hang out with them for a while.” Tom asks, “But I thought we were your real friends?!” Leslie says, “No, you guys are my friends too, but my real Friends live in New York City!” Cut To: Leslie Knope sits down on the couch in Central Perk with Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe. Friends is back on NBC! That’s my guess. Do you think that’s it? Amy Poehler says she knows what it is! Or, at least, she knows what the end of this season is! From Paper:

Despite the critical hosannas, Parks fans are in a constant state of anxiety about the show meeting a premature end, like Arrested Development or Freaks and Geeks. “I think I know how the show ends,” Poehler says. “To some extent, with the exception of one or two seasons, we never really know if we’re coming back. I know how this season ends — it could be an ending for the show, or it could be an ending for the season.”

The episode ends, the picture fizzles out, but then it comes back in and Ron Swanson wakes up. Wait. Was it all a dream? He looks in the mirror and, oh my god, Ron Swanson was a dog the whole time! It was all a dog’s dream! He looks around the room and…oh my god, he’s still in the same office and everyone is a dog! Everyone on Earth is a dog and humans don’t even exist! “I just had the weirdest dream,” says Ron Swanson. “What happened in it?” asks a human. Oh my god. They DO exist?! (The End.) Did I get it that time? What do you think? HOW WILL THIS SEASON OF PARKS AND RECREATION END?!