Rebecca Black’s “Saturday,” Oh Brother

This weekend, Rebecca Black released a follow-up to “Friday,” her viral hit from 45 years ago (it was 45 years ago, right?) (wait — how old are we now?) (dead, right?), called “Saturday.” Oh brother, of course she did! If a “Friday” goes off in the first blah blah, etc. The thing about this video is that the moment it became available online, just about everyone sent it to us and demanded that we talk about it immediately. On Saturday?! Guys, did you even listen to the song? Saturday is for waking up on a couch at 2PM, going to be beach, having a party, trying to be a second rate Miley-as-second-rate-Rihanna, which makes sense as a thing for this song to try to be, no joke, going back to the beach, partying all night, more often than necessary reminding the listeners of our old viral hit, and remembering it for the rest of our lives, not blogging about Rebecca Black’s “Saturday”! Thank god it’s Monday, though. I assume that when she gets around to releasing “Monday” it will focus on blogging about viral videos. So. DO YOU LOVE IT? (St. Vincent also released a new song, if no!) (Thanks for the tip, everybody!)

PS: Your pants are right next to you.