How To Fix Your Computer-Ruined Posture

Listen, these days we all spend a little too much time hunched over in front of a computer. Checking Twitter, hate-reading blogs, love-reading blogs, checking Twitter again, going to Facebook, checking Twitter, checking Twitter because you accidentally typed tw when you meant to type something else, forgetting what you were just going to look up, reloading Twitter, looking at the menu for that restaurant, hate-looking at someone’s Instagram who you don’t follow because you hate them but you still want to see what they’re up to, and so on. We’re wasting our lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to waste our postures! Check out these five easy steps to a healthier you:

1. Lie supine on the floor, relaxed, with your arms and legs spread apart. Breathe deeply in this position and gather strength.
2. Bring your legs to your chest, roll to your side, and push your body up with your arms. (Just figure out how to do it.) Come to a standing position.
3. Walk slowly and deliberately to the drawer where you keep your hammer. Grab it and hold it above your head.
4. Walk slowly and deliberately to your computer and hit it with the hammer until it is very broken.
5. Throw the remains out the window and don’t buy a new one.

EASY PEASY! This guy also has a thing you can do:

Huh. Either way! (Via Lifehacker.)