The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Today’s list contains a Christmas-themed animal video, which might seem like jumping the gun a little bit, but as you all know We Only Life Once, and what if we die tomorrow? If we die tomorrow, will we be glad that we waited until the appropriate week (the week before Christmas, let’s say) to watch the Christmas-themed pug video? “Oh thank goodness,” will we think, “that I didn’t ruin my final full day on this Earth enjoying something that was meant to be enjoyed about two weeks or so later”? “The thing I loved most about my life was my useless restraint”? I WOULD HOPE NOT! So let’s enjoy it along with the rest of these wonderful vids, and LIVE OUR LIVES! ALSO: TURN UP THE HEAT A LITTLE IF YOU’RE COLD, YOU DESERVE IT! I DON’T CARE IF YOU’RE AT WORK AND YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TOUCH THE THERMOSTAT, TELL YOUR BOSS TO SHOVE IT, LET’S GOOOO!


9. Parrot Races Puppy

8. “Zany” Prairie Dogs

7. Fox Jumps For Treats

6. Dog Rolls On A Pickle

5. Baby Elephant’s First Year

4. Christmas Pugs

3. Cat Watches Twirly Toy

2. Two-Legged Boxer Puppy

1. Mouse And His Baby Go For A Walk