What Are You Looking At On This Slow SNOOZE Day?

Guy Fieri with what is, I guess, a balloon version of Guy Fieri in what looks like a bookstore? His balloon eyes representing sunglasses, but looking more like nightmare bug eyes? Holding I don’t know what? A hot dog? A butt, kind of? Chicken breast? Is that what you’re looking at today? Because that’s the best I’ve got on my end! Just this photo of Guy Fieri with a balloon version of Guy Fieri, a bunch of tumbleweeds, some stuff about how they’re making two 50 Shades of Grey movies, one NC-17 and one R, and some leftover dirty garbage about fake Twitter airplane wars or whatever. Are you asleep? Is everyone asleep? What’s up? Did any celebs go to the grocery store and buy bulk Snapple today, that you know of? Let me know! PLEASE! I AM SNOOZIN FROM ALL THIS LACK OF “NEWZIN.” (Photo via RatsOff!)