The Videogum Movie Club: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Dear Katniss,

First of all, I loved the film. Is that rude to say? I don’t want to trivialize your struggle with the Capitol, and I’d hate it if you thought I was trying to be a jerk, but, like — wow! Sincerely! It was incredibly bleak — I mean, you know that — and I’m still a bit confused about how it came to be such a hit with young adults, but I really enjoyed watching it! The first movie was all right, too (I watched it on Netflix, which was much different than seeing it on The Big Screen, ha-ha), but this one seemed like it took itself much more seriously, and was better for it. What was your favorite part? (Again, not trying to trivialize, I’m sure it was all terrible!!!) Probably the kissing, right? Ha-ha. Or do you not like the kissing? You’re a little bit hard to read sometimes. You seemed to enjoy the kissing in the moment, but also you said the thing about not having any room to feel anything for Gale, but maybe if you guys ran away to the woods you could make some room? So. Speaking of Gale:

Why do you like Gale? Or, do you even? You always count Gale as someone for whom you want to live, but you guys seem to have a pretty limited relationship. Do you even know that much about him? I definitely get that he is handsome, but there are probably LOTS of handsome guys in the districts, and maybe even some who could break the hard shell you keep around your heart. (PS: How does he know what Catnip is? I’ve always wanted to ask you — how far in the future are you? Certainly Catnip mustn’t have been around in your lifetime or your parents’, right? Did he read it in a book? Do books exist where you are? Ahh, I have so many questions!!) I’m sure that as you age you’re going to want more in a partner than someone with whom you can hunt silently, right? Or no? You tell me! I’m just saying — maybe don’t put all of your eggs in the Gale basket. Though, I guess really your eggs are spread between two baskets at the moment, which brings me to my next question:

Why did you want to risk your life for Peeta in the Quarter Quell? Because he’s nice to you? GIRL. You already saved that guy’s life one time! Remember at the end of the last Hunger Games, when you came up with the suicide bluff? He’s really nice and he cares about you a lot. I get that you developed some real feelings for him, and you probably feel bad for not returning his romantic feelings, (he sure never forgets to make you feel bad about it, by the way), but you shouldn’t feel the need to give him anything. It’s not your fault that you don’t have feelings for him. It’s not your fault that he’s head-over-heels for you, enough that he wants to sacrifice his own life. You know when Haymitch says that you wouldn’t deserve his love, not in a million lifetimes? That is bullshit, Katniss! YOU’RE ALLOWED TO FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL!

So, this was the third Quarter Quell. Everyone should have seen it coming, right? Did you not know about it? Why did Snow act like it was a tactic to murder you when it was also just a thing that happened every 25 years, and now was the time for it? I just thought that was weird.

When Cinna was killed in front of you (I’m so sorry, by the way) before you were raised into the Quarter Quell battlefield, did you feel like Katy Perry at that moment in her documentary where she is crying on the section of stage that’s about to raise up, but then right before she has to go onstage she stops crying and puts on a brave, happy face? It was kind of like that!!! I mean, worse, obviously. Katy Perry was just sad about getting a divorce from Russell Brand, I’m not trying to compare the two things. It was just kind of like that. Have you seen that movie?

Anyway, you’re so brave. I’m sorry about District 12, but I do think that you understand that this all has to be done for the greater good of your people. You’re going to go on to do great things, and I can’t wait to watch them in the third movie!

I love you,