Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Videogum Movie Club Reminder: Hey, let’s all go see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire this weekend! Okay?
  • Have you watched the red-band trailer for Nymphomaniac? It is very, very NSFW. And it is really, ah, something. Watch it privately! -/Film
  • Speaking of things that are NSFW, will someone please talk to Courtney Stodden? It seems like Courtney Stodden really needs someone to talk to. I wold do it, but we live pretty far away from each other. -Dlisted
  • Girls season three trailer, you guys. -HBO
  • Ellen’s “Mad Men Without Smoking” is enjoyable, and much healthier than the alternative. -Uproxx
  • Oh, speaking of things from talk shows, (all of my segues are smooth and professional) Jimmy Kimmel did another installment of “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves” and it’s maybe my favorite installment yet! -Pajiba
  • And finally, Zach Braff, photobombing an innocent, newly married couple. -DeathAndTaxes