Rap Battle Public Marriage Proposal Is, Well, Different

Documenting public marriage proposals in an effort to have there be fewer of them is something I am passionate about, but in my one or two years of work on the subject I’m not sure that I’ve come across one that is less within my grasp of understanding than this one. It’s a rap battle public marriage proposal, which contains all of the red flag words, for sure, but also it…might not be that bad? For the people involved? I don’t know! I feel a little unable to judge because everything that happens in this video is VERY much outside of things that I understand. Both participants of the proposal are also participants in the rap battle (I think), and the girl throws sandwiches? Also everyone is white, and it seems like maybe they are at a school? That couldn’t be, though. I have to imagine that they aren’t at a school, that wouldn’t make any sense. When the man rap proposes (RAP PROPOSES) he says something about her sagging boobs? I might have misheard that, he has a British accent. I don’t know. YOU TELL ME, ‘CAUSE I DON’T KNOW!

Ahhh…??? Though, he could have just rapped all of those things to her at home. Some of them seem private. I don’t know. THIS ONE BROKE MY BRAIN! (Via BlameItOn.)