This Week In Comedy Open Thread

I didn’t see Parks and Recreation last night and I also missed Parenthood, so PLEASE don’t tell me if Kristina Braverman won her election. I know Leslie Knope didn’t win her election last week and, TBH, it’s not looking good for Kristina either, and I’m not sure I can take both of my NBC blonde ladies losing elections within the same week. Speaking of none of that: Coach. Hey, let’s talk about him! New Girl has pretty much fully brought him into the group, this week sending him on a basketball date with Cece, during which he got to show his true Coach — someone who texts his mom on a basketball date and feels a bit unsure after the ending of his last relationship. It was basically the same journey he made in the strip club episode, with the dynamic between him and the weird, vulnerable friends feeling a bit off until he, too, revealed that he is a bit weird and vulnerable. I know that some are unsure, but I do think that the addition of Coach will continue to mean good things, and a less worn-out feeling with the other characters. Right? I mean, it’s television, who cares, but — right? This episode was very funny. Jess saying that she didn’t understand Schmidt’s job but that it seemed to pay him well was A+. Winston’s pudding cup and bologna conversation was A+. GOOD EP. What else should we talk about? The League ended, and Aziz and Lizzy were there! I am normally not the biggest fan of The League, because it makes me uncomfortable and I am very delicate, but I thought the season finale was pretty good! Aziz’s role was just classic an Aziz role, and it is always nice to see Lizzy Caplan in anything. Okay next? Haha. Chelsea Peretti is very good on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I think the amount of Chelsea Peretti we get is probably fine, but maybe we could use a little more? She’s goooooood! I like that show! It’s enjoyable! Is the reason why you guys stopped posting GIFs in the comments because I just say that I like every show, and that’s kind of boring? Well. TOUGH! BECAUSE I DO! LIKE THEM ALL, PRETTY MUCH! I even have been liking The Mindy Project lately. LAUGHING OUT LOUD sometimes at it, even. (Although, the crowd that was convinced that she and her coworkers were racists did turn around VERY quickly when she said the thing about the mobile healthcare van.) And also Comedy Bang Bang is a fucking dream and I love it so much, please watch it if you are not watching it. What do you think? Do you hate Coach? Tell me what you think, if you want to!