This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

It’s Friday, and you know what that means! We get two days to ourselves that will come and go very quickly, making clearer the ever-increasing speed at which our entire lives are passing us by! Also: MOVIE TRAILERS! We’ve got one about the West Memphis Three, one about a guy dancing, and them some other ones! Let’s go watch them!

Devil’s Knot

I haven’t seen Paradise Lost, or any of the other documentaries about the West Memphis Three, but it seems like creating a film about a story that has already been told to so much acclaim in a documentary would be difficult. This does look good! But I do think that that might be difficult. But it does look good. But it might be difficult. But it does look good.

Cuban Fury

YOU HAD ME AT WA WA WEE WA! (But really this looks fine and sweet enough. Not terribly exciting, but certainly fine.) (It kind of seems like a movie Kevin James could be in, not to be a jerk?) (I wonder if I would think the same way about it if everything were the same, except that Kevin James was in it.) (I don’t know!) (Maybe!)

A Haunted House 2

Hahahaha. Sure. Money will 4sure be made.


Classic Arnold, delivering lines like the children in Little Rascals — definitely ALMOST saying them, but for sure having no idea what the cadence should be or what the words mean. I don’t understand why you would name your movie Sabotage if you’re not going to use the song “Sabotage” in the trailer? Seems like a big misstep!