UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE: Ghosts Play The Video Game Portal!

Grab your hoodies! Grab your nearly completed punch cards from your local cafes and wine shops, and also grab the ones from the cafes and wine shops near where you used to live, who knows where you’ll end up! Grab your computers and your video game systems! THROW THEM OUT THE WINDOW, THIS IS SERIOUS! Grab underwear and your legitimate ghost evidence hospital bag in case you faint, and GTFO, because ghost hunters in Oklahoma have found some evidence that ghosts exist and enjoy Portal!

Of course, jerks on the Internet have already surfaced to harass Sooner Paranormal of Oklahoma (SPOOK) about their finding of the phrase “THE CAKE IS A LIE” written BY A GHOST on a chalkboard in an abandoned building, and the group responded on their Facebook page:

In a response to our story on KJRH, we’ve been labeled ” clueless ghost hunters” by Jason Joe Wayne Blevins …personally, I take no offense, as he is focused only on one thing, the chalk board. At NO TIME did I or any member of my team make any claims as to a paranormal cause, only that the time and placement of this phrase on the chalk board were unusual.

You guys seem genuinely nice, professional, and level-headed. Don’t back down! You found the evidence! LET’S TAKE A LOOK FOR OURSELVES!

Awww. Classic ghost handwriting. But if ghosts can play Portal, what else are they doing? COMMENTING ON BLOGS? Oh my god. Are you guys ghosts? IF YOU GUYS ARE GHOSTS, YOU HAVE TO TELL ME. Are you stuck inside the blog? Do you need help moving on to Heaven? (Or Hell?) Oh my god. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be so spooked, but I never thought I’d eMeet a ghost! WHAT IS YOUR NAME? (Via Kotaku.)