Leonardo DiCaprio Is Out There Enjoying Fall

Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t on the Internet, scrolling through his Twitter feed, thinking “WHO CARES?” after every Tweet that he reads, knowing the whole time that he doesn’t have to be looking at Twitter and should probably just stop. He’s out there breathing in the crisp New York City fall air, soaking it in before it turns to crisper New York City winter air! Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t have multiple tabs open full of soul-crushing celebrity gossip. He’s out there stretching his legs, feeling the wind on his face, knowing fully that he is alive! Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t having an argument on gchat with a friend who didn’t like the movie Nebraska even though that movie was great and that friend is wrong. He’s got his polo on, his sunglasses at the ready, and what looks like multiple hats in his hand! Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t queuing up a podcast to listen to after he finishes the podcast he’s listening to currently so he feels less alone inside of his lonely apartment where he will exist until the end of the day, speaking aloud to no one. I bet he’s on the way to hang out with someone famous! Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t talking about this picture of Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio is out there living this picture of Leonardo DiCaprio, letting the sun fall down right onto his face (as he does), squinting against the light but not turning away, not putting on his sunglasses, not putting on a light jacket, because he is out there, and he is alive, and he is ENJOYING FALL!  (Full sun enjoyment after the jump, via Dlisted.)