The Videogum “Why Don’t YOU Caption It?!” Contest: Blockbuster’s Last Rental

The final Blockbuster rental happened in Hawaii on November 9th at 11PM, and will live on forever in this photo which was tweeted today by the Blockbuster Twitter account. It is, appropriately, the movie This Is the End. Man. I thought I didn’t care that Blockbuster was closing because first of all I thought all of those stores closed a bunch of years ago and second of all it is just a chain of stores and do you know what is happening to human beings these days?, plus third of all it’s 2013 and human beings have evolved to not care about(/pay for) anything, but man is that Twitter account sad! And looking at the Blockbuster logo is making me kind of sad! Man oh man. Listen, do NOT go to the Blockbuster Twitter account page. Just stay here, think about how we and everyone we love are all going to die someday, and CAPTION THIS FINAL RENTAL!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball and immortality.