The Sudden, Beautiful Snow

It snowed (lightly flurried for one hour) this morning in Brooklyn, and it has gotten me in a very snow-y mood. Something I noticed when looking through snowfall videos on YouTube, which I have been doing for it’s-none-of-your-business amount of time, is that lots of people narrate their snowfall videos. “Well, here it is!” Hahah. They’ll say things like that. “As you can see here, out my window, it’s snowing…has been snowing for a few hours now…not sure when it will stop…” But, you know, I want to say something to those people and anyone else who might make a snowfall video for YouTube: you don’t have to narrate your snowfall videos. I know that life can sometimes seem like little more than a long chunk of time during which you have to fill silences, but this is a silence you should feel comfortable leaving! I promise you that we can see that it’s snowing. We looked for it specifically and have been looking for the perfect video of it for it’s-none-of-your-business amount of time. This, I have to assume, isn’t for your family memories. You’re not documenting the snowstorm of 1996 on your VHS Camcorder. Just let is snow, man. Let it snow.