This Week In Comedy Open Thread

Oh, gosh. We’re back to a point where the amount of comedy we watch on TV is overwhelming, and I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll begin with the one that’s ending: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia! BYEEEE. You just got here, I feel like, but byeeee! The show’s season finale, “The Gang Squashes Their Beefs,” followed the gang attempting to squash beefs after not being able to rent the unrated director’s cut of Thunder Gun Express from the McPoyles, who own the only video store in Philadelphia, or pick up their Thanksgiving Gobblers from the Wawa where Gail the Snail works. They invite a bunch of our old It’s Always Sunny friends to a Thanksgiving dinner to make peace and, when that doesn’t work, end up locking them inside of the burning building. Hahah. It is a funny and very season finale-appropriate premise, but felt a bit underwhelming for overwhelming it should have been. Maybe because what is funny about each of the beefs is the focused intent on ruining the person with whom they have the beef, and having a bunch of them in one room kept us from focusing enough on anyone? I don’t know. Maybe that. I will say, though, that I laughed every single time they showed Liam McPoyle’s eyepatch with the eye drawn on. Hahah. That was very good. NEXT. Bob’s Burgers was great this week, it’s basically always great. “I was going to punch you, but I’m holding wine” is so good. So was Comedy Bang Bang. Scott Auckerman is always very funny when he is opposite a pretty lady. Speaking of pretty ladies, Taye Diggs was on New Girl and he is a very pretty man! (Let’s take a jump and then keep talking.)

I really liked Jess’s giggling interactions with Taye Diggs. Also I really appreciated that after Jess listed her complains about Nick’s man-boyness and one is that he is out drinking on a Tuesday or whatever, that Cece pointed out, “So are you, and you’re a teacher.” Hahah. THANK YOU, CECE! I wish you and Jess would talk to each other more! U guys are funny 2gether! Coach is back! AND HE’S STAYING! I hope the fact that Coach will continue to be around doesn’t mean that Winston will get pushed further into weird, nothing story lines. That poor guy! GIVE HIM A REAL THING! WE LIKE HIMMMMMM. Okay what else. I didn’t watch The Greatest Event in Television History 3 because I had to go to bed. How was it? Ummm. Oh, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was good. Trophy Wife was “actually pretty good,” as it tends to be. Chris Christie was on the Michael J. Fox Show. The League continues to make me feel bad and uncomfortable even though I love everyone on it. WHAT DID YOU THINK?