Best New Party Game: Fast Food Movies

Not only has Subway recently announced its partnership with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, like we talked about before, but Denny’s has also just announced its new menu in partnership The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug! (They have a history, obviously.) DISGUSTING FOOD PLACES BE INCONGRUOUS MOVIE ADVERTISIN’! (Ugh.) (Listen, we’re all tired.) So that made me think: how could I force this into the template of a best new party game? And then it hit me: FAST FOOD MOVIES! Hey, that works! I know Denny’s isn’t technically “fast food” and I know that Subway is for when you want to shove a foot of food into your face but still feel like you’re going to need smaller pants soon, but it’s fine. It’s a game! Relax and have fun, I’ll go first:

  • Million Dollar Menu Baby
  • Buffalo Wild Wings ’66
  • Adam’s McRib
  • The Armstrong Fry
  • The Burger King’s Speech 
  • The Brothers Bloomin’ Onion

Hahahahaaaa, A++++++. SORRY IF UR MOUTHS ARE WATERING! Now it’s your turn! This is a good game, have fun, bring it to your holiday parties!