How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

Much of my day was spent obsessing over the outrageous price of all of the scented candles I want, so let’s not talk about my day. Let’s talk about your’s instead! How was it? Did you eat a good lunch? Are you excited about your dinner? Did you get a paper cut? Aww, well even if you did get a paper cut, at least you didn’t get a $25,000 fine for using emergency alert sounds in a commercial about Jack Black being on your TV show last year! From Variety:

The FCC isn’t laughing at TBS’ “Conan.” The commission is issuing a $25,000 fine against Turner Broadcasting for using emergency alert sounds in a promotion for the show.

The promotion “used the emergency weather tones to gain attention for a commercial regarding Jack Black being on the show for April 26, 2012,” FCC said. …

“Today’s enforcement action sends a strong message: the FCC will not tolerate misuse of its Emergency Alert System,” said Robert Ratcliffe, acting chief of the enforcement bureau. He added, “This activity not only undermines the very purpose of a unique set of emergency alert sounds, but it is a clear violation of the law.”

Aaahahahaha. Awww. I guess spending $100 on a candle doesn’t sound so bad when you compare it with spending $25,000 to use the emergency alert sound in your Jack Black commercial! (Just kidding. It still sounds bad!) Poor Conan. Live and learn, I guess. I bet it was a pretty fine ad, though! HOW WAS YOUR DAY?