This Week in Movie Trailers, You Guys

Are you guys ready for some trailers? I hope so. What do you need to do to get ready? One thing you might need to do to get ready would be to plug in your headphones if you’re in public. Don’t just watch the trailers out loud if you’re at a coffee shop, or whatever. Put on headphones. Okay, are you ready? Let’s gooo!

A Case of You

Why didn’t they get the real Birdie to play Birdie? I’m sure she isn’t busy! This movie is like Groundhog Day meets how I imagine Ruby Sparks, right? That seems like what it’s like. “Today you don’t need a magical Groundhog or whatever to turn yourself into the man of your crush’s dreams…you only need access to her Facebook profile.” Hahahaha. Why is Justin Long being so rude about this girl liking him? She doesn’t know that she doesn’t know anything about you, doofus. Also why can’t you just show her real things about you? It seems like unless the only two aspects of your personality are that you hate playing guitar and hate cooking, you should be fine. MOVIE SOLVED. (PS: I would still probably see this.)

Only Lovers Left Alive

“Is that the really good stuff?” is probably a good question to have in your back pocket for whenever you want to seem like you know about something that you don’t actually know about. Like if someone who you know knows what he or she is talking about picks out a bottle of wine at dinner. “Is that the really good stuff?” Anyway I wish Tom Hiddleston didn’t play 30 Seconds to Mars Jared Leto in this movie. Also I wish it weren’t about vampires. Otherwise it looks good!

Winter’s Tale

“I suppose the polite thing to do would be to offer you a cup of tea”?! What! CALL THE POLICE, SYBIL! But, so, he is immortal? Hahah. I wish that were my review after having seen the movie. “But, so, he is immortal?” This one isn’t for me. They can’t all be for everyone!

The Truth About Emanuel

Hahahaha. YES! This is one for me. Beautiful psychos with expensive haircuts. I could watch beautiful psychos with expensive haircuts for hours.

The Raid 2: Berandal

Stop punching the wall!!!!!