Wait, You Should Buy Michael Jordan’s Mansion

You: Welcome to my new home, all mine, just mine all mine, designed by me and just mine forever!
Your Friend: Wait. Is this Michael Jordan’s old mansion?!
You: Uhh–
Your Friend: Holy shit! You have Michael Jordan’s old mansion! Why didn’t you tell me?!
You: It’s not Michael Jordan’s old mansion, it’s my new mansion! Just mine! I did this!
Your Friend: I mean, you bought it for, like, millions and millions of dollars. You definitely did that. But it’s clearly Michael Jordan’s. You didn’t change any of the stuff?
You: What do you mean?
Your Friend: Like, well, the gate has the number 23 on it.
You: Oh, is Michael Jordan the only one allowed to use numbers?
Your Friend: Uhh. Well, the regulation size NBA basketball court has the Michael Jordan logo in the center.
You: Oh, the the Jumpman logo? That’s just, like — that’s just like a logo. I don’t know. It’s standard, I think, on basketball courts.
Your Friend: It also says JORDAN on it a few times.
You: Well–
Your Friend: And on the golf course, all the flags have the same logo on them?
You: I mean–
Your Friend: And you never used to live outside of Chicago.

Holy shit. You should buy this! Can we all pool our money and buy this? Would you guys donate however many millions you could spare to my Kickstarter in order for me to buy this? I want itttttt. So baaaaaaaad. I’ll play basketball every day, I promise! (Via HyperVocal.)