What Should The How I Met Your Mother Spinoff Be Called, Other Than How I Met Your Father?

There are lots of “pluses” in choosing to call the How I Met Your Mother spinoff “How I Met Your Father.” Name recognition would be one of them. It makes it easy for people to understand what the show is going to be, if they’ve already seen the other show. It tells you what the show is going to be about, kind of. Less time needs to be spent on coming up with a new name, that’s for sure. But it presents one big problem, I think: IT IS SO STUPID AND WHAT ELSE ARE WE GOING TO TALK ABOUT? (Oh PS: There’s going to be a How I Met Your Mother spinoff and it’s being referred to as How I Met Your Father.) From Variety:

“How I Met Your Mother” fans may not have to part ways with their beloved series at the end of this final season.

Variety has confirmed that CBS is in discussions with 20th Century Fox TV for a spinoff of the comedy, which will offer a femme spin on the original show. As Deadline first reported, spinoff is from “HIMYM” creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas along with Emily Spivey, and is being referred to as “How I Met Your Father.” Project would center on a group of friends living in Gotham and one woman’s quest to meet her future husband.

Hahaha. GIVE THEM ALL A RAISE! Take half of the money that you plan to print from the success of the thoughtless spinoff of a TV show that people stopped really caring about a few seasons ago and give it to all of the idea-men it took to come up with this perfect idea. And then give the other half to us, for all of our perfect name ideas! I’ll go first:

  • How Your Father Me Me, Your Mother
  • Your Father Missed A Few Details When He Told You About How He Met Me
  • I Had A Whole Life Before Your Father Met Me
  • How I Met Your– Oh Brother
  • Listen To Your Father
  • How You Ended Up Meeting Me, After A While
  • Nice To Meet You, I’m Your Mother! 
  • Nice To Meet You, I’m Your Wife! 
  • How I Met Your Mother Too
  • How I Get (To Be) Your Mother 
  • Who Am I? Who Are You!

All perfect ideas that honestly probably took a little bit longer to construct than the original idea!