Who Should Play The Angel Man In The Upcoming Remy Chandler TV Show?

I have never heard of Thomas Sniegoski’s Remy Chandler urban fantasy novels and I’m not sure if “Remy Chandler” is the name of the main character (I searched for that info for about 40 seconds and could not find it, which is ridiculous), but if it is — before we say anything else — I’d like to request that Matthew Perry take on the lead role in the upcoming NBC show based on the series. If Chandler is coming back to NBC, it just wouldn’t be right to have anyone else. He can do it, I’m sure. Please think about it. Anyway this is the show, from Deadline:

NBC has ordered a script for a procedural from 20th Century Fox TV, based on Thomas Sniegoski’s Remy Chandler urban fantasy novels. The six-volume series is about an angel who, having grown weary of celestial warfare, chose to embrace earthly life and develop a deep appreciation for humans and their vices. The project is described as a procedural with humor, questions of faith and fate, and a very distinct partnership. Bill Chais is attached to write and exec produce. Fox-based Jonathan Levin is EP. On Sniegoski’s Remy Chandler website, the Boston private eye is described as a guy with many useful talents, including but not confined to, making himself invisible, speaking any language (including the language of animals), and thought-reading.

“COULD I BE ANY MORE PERFECT FOR THIS JOB?!” – Remy Chander. And that will explain why the rest of the Friends never knew what Chandler did for a living! (Because he was a secret angel!) NBC, I THINK WE’VE FOUND A WAY TO TAKE YOU BACK TO YOUR FORMER GLORY! But if Matthew Perry won’t do it for whatever reason, who should? And what will their catchphrase be, if not “could I be any more perfect for this job?” I know it’s silly to continue to think of options after you’ve figured out the perfect one, but think of it as more of a brainstorming exercise. Maybe it can be one of the Big Bang Theory guys, and his catchphrase is “bazinga” or whatever? Sometimes he says “dogzinga” if he’s talking to a dog? I don’t know, I already did my part of the job. YOUR TURN! (Via AV Club.)