Best New Party Game: Non-Scary Scary Movie Plot Synopses!

Wow, our final spooOOooOoky party game! Who would have thought, a few weeks ago, that we would ever be here, in Halloween’s week saying goodbye to our spooky party games until next Halloween? Not me! I find it hard imagining anything in the future, I live in the present! And what a better way to end it than with a party game that is very easy to understand and play along with: non-scary scary movie plot synopses! (Scary movies described in a way that makes them seem not like scary movies.) (IT’S A VERY FUN PARTY GAME, BRING IT TO YOUR NEXT PARTY!) I’ll go first:

  • A lady has a baby and all of her new friends are sooo excited about it.
  • A man takes his family on a lovely holiday and lets off a bit of pent-up stress.
  • Pretty lady gets a surprise!
  • Members of a small Pennsylvania town are visited by friends and loved ones whom they thought they’d never see again.
  • A scientist accomplishes something quite special.
  • After experiencing a bit of trauma, a mother and daughter become closer than ever.

SpooOOOooooOoooky game! Spooky and fun! Now it’s your turn, if you’re not too scared. You’re not too scared, are ya? Huh? BOO!