Leonardo DiCaprio Is Mr. Cool Halloween Costume!

You never know whom you’re going to see when you attend a celebrity Halloween party, and if Leonardo DiCaprio had it his way, you wouldn’t know who you saw when the celebrity Halloween party is over and you’re on your way home and you’re texting your friends about all of the celebrities you saw at the Halloween party and you’re trying to remember all of them, and you’re like, wait I definitely know there was one more, but also hold up — who was that one guy? in the all black sheet or whatever? what was he even supposed to be?, I guess he was probably just some nobody who didn’t feel comfortable about going to a celebrity Halloween party so he just covered himself in the largest shiny sheet he could find and held a blue thing — wait, should I have been self-conscious about attending the celebrity Halloween party? no, right? I mean, my friend was going…I came with my friend, and like…I mean, I had as much of a right to be there as anybody, I’m fine with my– oooh, but wait, maybe he was REALLY somebody? and that’s why he didn’t want to show any of his face or body, because he thought that people would, like, flip out or whatever?, oh my god, I wonder who it was, maybe Leonardo DiCaprio?! omg I’m just going to say it was Leonardo DiCaprio, either! (The “either” is the end of the sentence that I started 1000 words ago.) Full, fun costume after the jump! Thanks for the tip, Claire! (Via GoFugYourself.)