This Week In Comedy Open Thread

This week’s New Girl brought about a change that should help refresh the season and get rid of the weird, negative energy that has maybe gotten a bit out of hand: Schmidt is out of the apartment and has moved across the hall in order to make room for Coach’s return on November 4. PHEW. And all it took was a lifetime full of emails from [email protected], mentioned and exploded in one Halloween episode. I thought it was a very good episode! Winston was included in the A-plot, which was nice. Nick and Schmidt had some good moments together. Jess was very funny as batman. Jess and Cece’s batmanmobile bit was very funny, and I wish they got to do funny bits together more often. GOOOOOD. Good episode of a TV show. Speaking of good episodes of a TV show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Halloween episode was also a good episode of a TV show! MAYBE THE BEST ONE YET? (OF THIS SERIES.) (NOT OF ALL TIME.) (THAT WOULD BE THE FRIENDS “PIVOT” EPISODE.) Though, how often can people say that an episode of a TV show featuring a team having to work together also highlights the fact that the cast is best when they work together, as a team? We’ll see! It kind of seems like it will be for the entire duration of Brooklyn Nine-Nine! This week’s episode of It’s Always Sunny, “Flowers For Charlie,” was written by Game of Thrones writers David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. Charlie-centric episodes, thankfully, don’t happen very often, because that makes them all the more fun when they do. (Happen.) This was a good Charlie ep. The reveal that there was no “smart pill,” and that the only thing that changed as a result of the experiment was his arrogance was A+ very funny. Though something that was a bit off was how dumb the Waitress seemed in her encounter with Charlie. (Also Dee was a bit dumber than usual, in the hand-stuck-in-a-wall situation.) While it would have made sense to have Charlie realize that he didn’t have much in common with the Waitress, listening to her go on and on about whatever, we’ve never known her to be as flighty as she was here. But for two dudes who have never written an It’s Always Sunny episode before, I thought generally this one was tonally accurate and blah blah let’s not take all of the fun out of TV, huh? Speaking of fun TV: Comedy Bang Bang is back! And it was great! The Birthday Boys had its premiere episode, which was also very fun. How lucky we are to live in this TV time. The Mindy Project was fine enough. My favorite part was when Adam Pally did his impression of Danny consoling him: “Not for nothin’, but, uh, it is what it is.” Hahah. And uh. The end. WHAT DID YOU THINK?