Best New Party Game: Famous Movie Quotes, But SpoOoOoOOooky

Hey, I know we’re supposed to have a Spooky Movie Club meeting right now, but this week has been weird and I haven’t gotten a chance to watch the movie yet! WAH-WAH. CREEeeek. Whoooosh. HISSS. BOO! (Spooky noises.) But that’s okay, we’ll just have to talk about it TOMORROW! Today, we have to play a game together instead. I know, I know. But there are worse things than having to play a game! Right? Right or no? Hello? Guys? WHY CAN’T I HEAR ANYONE. But, so, okay, let’s pull ourselves together — today’s party game is scary, because it’s almost Halloween and we were all in the mood for something scary before I messed it up: famous movie quotes, but spooky! I’ll go first so you can see how it’s done, but then you have to go. Remember that all party games are mandatory for anyone reading these words! Thank you!

  • “You had me at he–BOO!”
  • “Frankensteinly, my dear, I’m a monster.”
  • “I’m gonna make him a coffin he can’t refuse.”
  • “Here’s looking through you, ghost.”
  • “You talkin’ to me? ‘Cause by the looks of my EMF detector it looks like you’re talkin’ to me.”

A lot of times I try to stay humble about the perfect games I provide, but I’m going to come right out and say it this time: I love this game. This is a good one– BOO!