The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Did you think that just because we missed a day yesterday, that I would let all of us go a whole week without a petting zoo top 10 animal video countdown? YOU HAVE GOT 2 BE KIDDING ME! I would never do that to you. We are born into this world and just have to struggle our way out of it (eek!), I am certainly not going to take away your single source of comfort and joy. So please, let’s all get a cup of tea, wrap ourselves in a blanket, (go home from work if necessary), and enjoy these videos. The first one is so insane. The second one is also insane. You’re going to love them, come on, it’s Petting Zoo time, let’s gOOOOOOOoooOOOoooooooOOO!

10. Dolphin Plays Fetch With Itself

9. Dog Plays Tetherball

8. Lemur VS Baby Goat

7. That Dog Has A Car

6. Sleeping Elephant Baby

5. Hand Feeding & Playing With A Platypus

4. Munchkin Kittens In A Box

3. Dogs Go Trick-Or-Treating

2. Screaming Panda Cub

1. Baby Duck Water Slide