How Is Everyone’s Day Going Today, All Day?

Due to somewhat unforeseen circumstances, we’ll be gone for the rest of the day! (“We’ll” meaning “I’ll” — “we’ll” is an editorial lie that sounds more professional than the truth.) But that doesn’t mean you guys have to stop talking about your days! HOW ARE THEY GOING? What are you going to eat for lunch? What are you eating for lunch? How was the thing that you ate for lunch? What are you going to eat for dinner? (What else to people talk about?) I’ll tell you one thing, it looks like Regis Philbin is having a great day hanging out with some of his best buds, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon. “All I need is my Wu-Tang shirt and a couple of pals” — a classic Regis quote. Worlds been had not colliding because clearly these worlds are always with each other, hanging out. In similar news, I saw an episode of Live! With Kelly & Michael recently, and Michael Strahan is doing a great job! Haha. What news do you have to report? Let me know, and please enjoy some Regis Philbin impressions after the jump.

Great jobs, guys! (Image via Uproxx.)