Parks And Recreation Is Officially On Hiatus

Don’t you just wish that NBC were exclusively the The Voice channel? Or actually, since we’re wishing for things, don’t you wish that you could tune your eyes to The Voice for good, so you wouldn’t have to waste your time looking at other stuff — like your apartment, or your reflection, or the food you’re eating, or outside, or your coworkers? And when you went to sleep, don’t you wish that instead of dreaming you could watch reruns of The Voice? And when you spoke, don’t you wish that audio from The Voice came out? And everyone would just leave you alone to watch The Voice through your eyes in a dirty old closet somewhere? Ugh, me too. At least we’ll get to watch it instead of Parks and Recreation for a few weeks, starting this Thursday! From TVLine:

The next three episodes of Parks and Recreation — including a Halloween-themed outing that was to air Oct. 31 — are being preempted, NBC confirmed with its latest scheduling alert.

The Voice‘s Battle Rounds this week will spill over into Thursday’s 8 o’clock hour, bumping Tatiana Masalany’s second Parks appearance and filling the void left by the now-cancelled Welcome to the Family. Then on Halloween night, NBC will air a holiday-themed Saturday Night Live special.

Parks and Recreation will then be replaced with The Voice’s results shows until November 14th and 21st, when NBC will air two Parks episodes back-to-back. Then the show will go away again and, as of now, return with Community on January 9th. While it does make sense, since it has been proven that the amount of people who watch Parks and Recreation now will be the amount of people who watch Parks and Recreation forever, and that amount of people is not a particularly large amount of people, and NBC has to try to ramp up the show that will receive neither viewers nor critical acclaim (Sean Saves the World), it also SUUUUUUUUUUUXXXXXXXX. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. OUR SHOW JUST CAME BACK AND WE LOVE OUR SHOW! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!