Shepard Smith Proves Why Fox News Needs All Of Those Giant Screens (To Play Candy Crush)

Uggghh, I hate being proven wrong! About two weeks ago, we all had a good laugh about Shepard Smith’s introductory video for Fox News’s new high tech news room, featuring a bunch of people looking at Twitter on adult-sized iPads. (The size of an adult human, that is.) It was a pretty funny image, but maybe we shouldn’t have dismissed its use in the newsroom so immediately? Listen, like I said I don’t like to be proven wrong, and I especially don’t like to be proven wrong by Fox News, but part of being an adult is recognizing when you’ve made a mistake and apologizing, if an apology is necessary. So. I’m sorry, Fox News. I thought putting a camera on reporters scrolling through Twitter on Earth’s biggest screens wasn’t quite as necessary in keeping up with and sorting out breaking news as you thought it was, but clearly you had something else up your sleeve. And that something else was Candy Crush.

“There’s a time when I would download content to read on the subway, but not anymore.” Hahah. It’s very strange how someone so desperate to appear as if he knows about technology that he for sure does not particularly understand (see: adult-sized iPads) can’t seem to remember a time in the past when the content he read on the subway wasn’t transmitted through some sort of computer device. MAYBE HE DOES GET IT! (He doesn’t get it.) But, yeah. Very good news story. Could watch you play Candy Crush on a big screen while noting that Candy Crush actually does not benefit from being on a big screen for hours. Is this all that Fox News is now? Candy Crush? Mild tips and tricks for Candy Crush? It’s not a bad plan! (Via Gizmodo.)